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for healthy tips, visit hey, uh, fez, i think i have something in my eye. is it donna's engagement ring? no, no, it's too big for that. hey, maybe we should get some doctors' masks so we don't accidentally inhale donna's ring. okay, okay, donna, you thought the engagement ring was big enough, right? burn! i didn't say anything. so say something. it could have been bigger. burn! captioned by closed captioning services, inc. captioning provided by carsey-werner-mandabach llc and the fox broadcasting company 3fight crime..- prime.(13:40)"it does not make pon vvoleettoffenddes."...
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& pontroversial hings one candidate saysshe'll dd if elected. eleeted.a little dog wwth hiss oww criie ighting aa robbees. dinner in the mmddle of the highway..hyyit was a lot less ddnggrous than it lookss looks. and a noo so perfect - weddiig.the eason this bbide -3 isn't blushing or even smiiing. 3 3 hello...3 i'm jjff baard. baand. 3 pnd i'm jenniier gglbert. phat do you think about decrimmnaaizing arijuana to put crimeeby 20 percent or taxinn bulletss n an eeffrt to peduce ccimm? 3 phat's.../ hat of ballimore's... mayooal 3 proposing onightt tonight. 3 otis rolley... wants &pbe toouh on crime..// ááheeá aaso wanns... marijjana posssssion... tt be a peety... crrme....// equilvallnt to speedinn....../ .ááaadáá he wantts.. to... taxx
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bullltss.../ a... dollar a bullet.../ to... make - them difficult.. to purchase.... 3 p3 pt is to ffcusson viilenn poffenders those peoole that -3 are harming the quaaity of life in baltimore it does not &pwithhnon vvolent offenners ho have one peety crimess.....- crimee..... 3 i hink its good for a medda & splash but i doo'' think its - p3 taxing ullets... isn't a citt & issue...// state lawmakkes... would have tt aaprove ... the... bullet -3 cost... hikee..// state-wide. earlier we asked: should bblttmore decrimiialize marijjana? thisswasn't eeennclooe... most of you wwnt tt llgalize poo..-& pot. 3&pjohnn writes n facebook..."a 3 part time basis hould not goo to prison." prison." 3 and kristin...""f eevrryne is sttned- people will forget to kill each a bbltimooe police officer faces federrl charggss toniigt.............tte &ppeteran cop is accused of selliig hhroin nncity 3
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-3 3 baltimore olice and &pthe fi arressee rrdd (red) &pthii morning when he reported to work att he nortwestern district.... heeannd four ther men are acccsed oo possessing and distributing &pheroin.. since january. pnitiateddthh investigatton - after ggtting a ip. theyyput the officer under ssrveelllnce por some timm.. then alerted theefbi. redd ((ed) faces 7 counts of drug -3charges, innludiig firearm - charges. prosecuttrs oneeof the ring leaders inn his lleggd criminal operation. 3&pp 3&rosensteinn "he is detected pmet with co-conspiratorr and diitributiig heorin to those co--cnspirators.. while on duty and whiie in police uuiform. so, thht's obviously a ery serioos allegation. it remains to bb seen whether it's prooen in court." courr."" tonight.. redd (red) ii in federal custody without baii...until his 3 morring. meantime, tte officer is suspenndd without pay...pending the ootcome of this case. -3 3 3& the search is on... for a stabber. stabber. early tonite.. western balttmore.../. at...
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800... north gilmor streee.../. 3 the ictim... - attthii time.../. nno p policee.. are... who.. killed a wess baltimore.... around... 3 his orninn ..../ a... 25-year-old man... was -3 found shott on... nortth - bennalou street...//áátheáá victim... dieddat psockktrauma..../ááhisáá - identity... haannt been preleased. p3&p fx--45. has... "spotcrime"... &páátrackáá... criminal activity in your neighborhood - ../ áágetáá.../ &p e-mails hee crime happens. ááatáá.../ oxx baltiioor dot com ááclickáá.../ on new ccnccrr tonighh abbot thh norttern & snakehead..... couuddit be moving inno hh chesspeake bay? &pbay??- last week,,.. esearchers diicovereddtte fish in thh rhode rive preeatoo... wwich rapiddy & devvurrd much of theehabitat p but... it was never thouggt - to be in the ccesapeaae bay.....ntillnnw. 3 3 "the wide area weehaveehere somettiig like that...?" that...?"
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saat levels in thh baa this - yeaa mmy have contributed to the snakeeeadssappearracee -3 3 it's bben ne year cent tax on beveragee - move torepeal hat tax one 3 the two cent tax is imposeddat 3 ofsoda...and juiie. sme rettilers...say hey'vepaased - that cost...on to ccosumers. thh ownerr of ssntoniis.... in -& highlandtown.....ay tthy avee notdoneethat..they've absorbed...the newtax...which 3 (saattni) "a epeal would be appropriate right now nn -3 thaa's what we wisheddwhat's gging to happen but we know thaa's noo posssblity ss - pw're gladdthe bbll was introduued." introduced."((ayyo) "becaase removal, the hhabor clean-up, ttingg that withouttttat --3 revenue wwewould not have been &paaleeto afford." afford."ii that bill s 22-12... instead 3 3 &p3 anger... overrtaxes../ -3 cittyhall.. ttnight. & tonight. 3carl stokes... says.../
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&pp the city's... iih - prooerty taa rrte.../ is... ttppiig people... in... the citt.../. he pointee out that te ownnown he wants eeeryycctizen - to get tte same incentives as &pmilliooaire deeeloperr. 3 we're going to ennouuage pou to buill your project - here, lee's tteat veryone the - iicentive to them aarrss the & residentt resideets all 3 stokess../ 3 wants... to cut tte propeety taxes.../ -& in haaf.../ & ovee the next five years... // t wws another verr bad day for president obbma..-obama. 3 in thh a-t-f operatioo, fast and furious, gents allowed thousandd offguns to crosssthe border nto he hanns of mexican drug cartees. those 3& aaerican border patrol 3 been leaked that the program -3 only netted around 20 ppople, immediaaely. hat meaansthe
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program directly helped narco- 3 no one in washinnton, oo the - white ouse is taking the 33 it's a good ay for cctassrophic deet deffult.. today six ey senatoos 3 that theepresiient signed off & on. the so calledd gang of six, offeeed a ppan to 33trillion dollars in the nexx fails, t could be a err bad day for ameriia's economy. 3&p it's a ooddday for pint arred robers broke into ttis -3 businesssin aatadena, caa -3 the ooners llyal guard dog -3 paco, a tiny chihuahua ddecdes to get in the fight. at -3 ffrst tte bark startles the 3 oo the guard dog. paco nips aa heir ankles and -&peveetuallyychases them out of pheestore. his owner pouldnnttbe more prouu. 3 "i kind of want to utta & cape on himm i think." ttinkk" when iissy tte video, and i ssw them ppinting tte
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3 sent a chill down my back." back." paco s jjst fine, chasing after armed robbers anyyimm soonn 3pa... fast movinn storm.... left drrverr stranned.... in the middle of raggng rapidss.--33 rapids. theer ars... bbcamm slands... mondaa pittsbbrg..../ & ááthhssá celllphone pideo... was taaen... inside of the trapped carr..../ p áááeveraláá inches & of raii fll... iinjust minutes, .../ aussng major flash flooding.../.. áátheáá fierce... current ...waa so strrog ... ii... ccraatd geyers...// 3 for.. -33 baltimooe... firefighterr.. / their jobs... pre hoo enough.. / all hat gearr.. in 99-dderee ddngeeous.... ááináá west baltimore ... / ttey took... wwter breaks../ pceepacks... to kkep cool..... ááthey'reáá allo... ccecking.. their co- áááem-t'sáá &p wwll... be at... all fire 3& 3 3 a little it of ain today.. put llckily no flash fllooing. fllooinn. 3ppbbt tteeshowers couldn't beat the heatt./ and... the 3 come. 3 chief meteeorlogist vytas reid & has a llok at thh furnace that
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3 3
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the attacks are oming -3 from all siies, iterally. the ther shocking moments as the embattlld news corp ceo ttstified in he illeggll --3 hacking investigaaioo. 3&p something neww sooethingg blue ann sommthhng wwnned by -3 the laa. why this bride enned pp ehind bars on her wedding day. 3 p is thhs n elegant -3 dinner, a ddath wish or both? 3 forrml dinner on one oo ameriia's busiisttroads... 33 mmdda moguu 33&prupert murdocc
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is ggtting pttacked from all sides by laamakerssand noo imitation desserts. amy kellog and what llwwakkrs got him and his son t admii about haaking the phones off urder victims. victims. 3 rupert murdoch and his son, jamee... under intense &pssrutiny from british llwmakers.(nats) during -3 pheeeiihhy ear old news ccrporation chairmann pis wiff wendyy... seen here wearing pink... jumping up ... ddfending her uuband. proceedingg resuuiig... with 3 hhcking alllgations at 'news of he world.' rupert says: (q:) "why did you ot accept rebekkh bbooks' - offered it.. (a:) "because i bblieved her, nd i trrsted -3pher ann i do trust her." mmiter murdoch... c---o of peww corp.. the parent comppny he does not condoneethe uue oo phonn hacking... calling this aahumbll day.
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peeplee' priiacc by listening to tteir voicemail is wrong. paying police officers for iiffrmation ii wrong." officials also sking if the wwre breached.... james mmrdoch.... sayiig not to hhs knowledge.j. murdochhsays: "it is appalling to thinn that pnyone associated with our -3 papers would have dooe 3 of no evidence of that." & former news of the orld -3 denying knowlege of any payments to british policc... -& orrdeception duuing herrwatch. brooks says: &"thingg went badly aa the news - of the world, ann we are trying to sort ttem out." and britaii's &ppop twoomen at scotland yard... who quut eariler tis stephenson ays: "i do think we need to handle the pedii differentlyyin the future. much more transpprently."yatee says: plear and my integrity issin - ttct.""ellogg says:: ""eaaing from a ssatement... pfully cooperate with oliie to
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get to thh ottommof the scandal... and opes to win bacc the publiccs trust. in london, rrn flltter,,amy kellog foxxneww." 33 even if muudoch is abbe to 3 investigators, he is still & facing a mmjor ffb-i probe -3into briberyyand alleged phone & hackknggoffseptember 11th victims. 3 michael vick... is... associited... itt dog áábutáá his time,,.. pe's pushinn forrtougher laws...agginst it..eaglls quarterback... joined... the head of the ptates today.../ n... -3 áápledgingáá is sspppot... for measures... ttat would... make itta crime be a pectttor.../ or... bring a hildd.. to pdg--figgts.../. áávickáá served... 20 months in pleading uiitt.../ to... bankkolling a dogfighting operatiin....////- 3&p a... iccigan bridd... spends parr &pin jail.../. áápoliceáá say... 53--yearrold tammy lee hinton.../ was arrested... at her own ááshe'sáá
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wanted... pn a three-yearrold... parrrnt... for felony iienttty pheet.../. áápoliceáá gave hinton... the chancc... to channeeoutt.. of herrwedding gown... áábutááá sse beautiful bride... -3wws reeeesed... on bail... shortly after the arrest. 3 another 3 scoochee on the way tooayy todayy and it's goinggtoobe evennworseelater pytas eid joins us with all the steamy details of youu skywatth forecass. 3commng uu...
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3 bruce cuunnngham with the very latest onnthe end game ii the spoots unlimiteed.- 3 and wwy not tay foor
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deesert. why the mmddleeof thh interstatt assthe safest place for a eal wwth thii group. 3 man: we need a good night's sleep. woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling] ñwññéhiióooooñçñ
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3 months, ii apppars that we are
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- finally...finally....n the - lockouu...lawyers representing both he nnllowners and players are wookiig into the the worrd of one dottinn i''... i's... ww've l;earned that they're preparing a draft of the - agreement, which will be -&ppressnted to the playyrs for pdiscussion and a vote oo the biggest issuee ttday was plaaating the 10 players who filedd nn &panti-trust suit against the nfl..indeed it wwssviewed as &ppomething thattcouud kill the & peal, four of themmweree & seeking ifetiie exemption -3 from franchise plltyyr status..this evening comes worr that they've sootened pheir stancc...the union's - executivv coomitte met this eveeing to reeare foo tommrrow;s proposd vote...the owners will follow suit on phursday.ravens owner steve -3 bisciotti anddteam pressdent dick cassswill be n hand for - that vote... &p3& mmanwhile,,coaac john harbaugh - is stiil mad at the bears over &pa botched draft eel trade....- the raveen had agreeddto swap & for the bears' 29th and aa4th rounder...the bears esitated & ann theeravens missed thhir - slot...theyywent oo to take
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3 that theebears hhsitated oon 3 tteir eeplanation ttat it was a reponse, thee - bears wooll sayyonly quote we''eemoved on" p3 meanwhhle, at camden orioles' ssries with boston.. lasttnight the red sox and birds combined ffo 22 runs.. 3&ppind of game.... ggme.....- 3 bottom of the scond,, o -3& score...markkreynolds blasts the dooble to llet.....adam after 2......and they added to wieters ingles off the glove ...jeremy guthrii's not used 3&pjarrd saltalaaacchiaarips this otheewise ootstanning outing..a two run &p3-2 birds......mooe to tte 8th, still 3-2, nd derree lee just unllads on thhssonee tt ight--enter...a two runn -3 shot...his 10th...that made it -3 5-2.....and thn tteenext man
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-3&pup, reyyolds,,does 21st of the 3 bacc and they taae an all too raae viitory over the red ssx...6-- the fiinl..... 3 3& meanwhile... 3 there's a ccance we have seen thh last of brian robertt thhs 3 concuusioonsymptoms, robertt -was today placee on the 66 day disabled list, meening he'd be eligiile toorrturn in id -septembbr, whichhwwoll only leave a couple oo weeks left -3&in the seasonn..heeslid headfirst into firsttbase on
12:54 am
may 6th and hasn't played --33 pince... p the o's made two other -3 roster moves thhs simon haa beennreinstated from the restticted list after 3& and tird asemmn jjsh bell -3 wass eeuuned to nnrfolk 3 3&p waiter, waiter... they better take teir dinner to gg. off thee poto op of a 3 3
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now you can have brownies again. new fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. 3 date, or a death wiss & pish it... was accually ... safer ttan a sidewwlkkrestaurantt restaurrnt. check out these people... having lunchh.. n thh miidle of he bbsiist -3 freeway in the country.../. &páátheeáá weren't in danger though..../ áátheáá group ...snuckkout... on...hi-way... 405.../ - in... los angeles... during "carmageddon".../. ááthháá &p entire superrighway was &pclosed ...for a ridge demolitton.../ , which &surreal picturess 3 and in thiss 3 heat...we're all doiig anything we can to cool down. down. it' - different... for dogs. dogs. a viewer... -3 sent us... this viieo f hrr dog .../ licking the & inside... of the reezzr..../ & áásomeááá peoole... in -3 our newsroom .../ thought the video was cute.../ ááothersáá were... about to baaf uu a luug...//
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&pááifáá youu...want to wwigh in../ we... posted the video... on our facebook slash foxbaatimooe. foobaltimore.let's have nee final check of the weather with vytas. vytas. & 3 youucan 3 that's all for the late edition...thanks for oining uu.i'mmjeff baand... ann iim &pjenniier gilbert.and be surr to tunn in to fox45 morning & pees tomorrow -- staating at 5-am.goodnight. goodnight. -3&p man: we need a good night's sleep.
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woman: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over-the-top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. you're feeling sleepy already? nighty-night. [giggling]

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